What’s New Pussycat? Abstract Art

Have I gone on a theme… Humm maybe. I think I’m just missing having a cat around of late, it’s been a while since the Shankster cat left us. This is a mixed media artwork, using vintage pages from a book, acrylic art and in, backed on card. The frame is recycled from some vintage ones I salvaged a while ago. I felt the work didn’t need a fussy frame. It’s available now on Etsy!
https://www.etsy.com/shellystill or message me!

Red Cat Abstract Mixed Media Painting Art Shelly Still 1


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How many cats can you see?

A bit of a change to the usual abstract. I’ve had the idea of cutting up my abstract art pieces into shapes and I couldn’t resist cutting out some stretching cats and adding them to a black background. Obviously I couldn’t just leave it there so cut up some other parts of the original artwork to create a garden for the cats to yoga in. Let me know what you think! acrylic paint and ink on watercolour paper attached to A4 black card.

Three Cats Mixed Media Painting Artwork Shelly StillThree Cats Mixed Media Painting Artwork Close Up Shelly Still

They’re Alive! New Eyeball Kids Ready for Adoption!

Alien Eyeball Kids Gothic Steampunk Cosclay Alien Tentacle Pendant Necklace OOAK Shelly Still

The first batch of Eyeballs Kids are now live on Etsy and waiting for new homes! I had such a great response from Bob, the first Eyeball Kid that I couldn’t resist making some more. We have Jem, Babs, Cynthia, Goldie, Clem, Gavin, Jack and Kevin all waiting to keep an eye on you…

I made these with a new Polymer clay called Cosclay. It’s amazing stuff! Has a bend to it when cooked which makes sure all of the thin parts don’t break, and also don’t stab people, much to the dislike of the Eyeball Kids me thinks… I then create the shimmer effect with mica powder and varnish to keep it strong! Let me know who you like the best, or what sort of things you would like to see on the next Eyeball Kids! Message me at shellystill@outlook.com or leave a comment on the blog!

Steampunk Style Tentacle and Eyeball Pendants for Sale!

Hi all! Wow I am so bad at keeping up with the blog. I even have weekly alerts on my phone that I conveniently seem to miss! But hey, I’ve been busy… I’ve been one of the very lucky people who have had two months off work on furlough in the UK and I’ve had the best time exploring and playing with all different sorts of material and inks. I was very fortunate to be a Kickstarter on the new Cosclay polymer clay from www.cosclay.com It’s astounding stuff that bends like rubber once cooked and it has opened an avenue that I have always wanted to get into, freaky fantasy pendant necklaces! Using a mixture of Cosclay, crystals, mica powder and paint I have been inventing some very weird and wonderful pendants that are already starting to be adopted around the world!

Eyeball Pendant Jewellery Cosclay Alien Necklace Shelly Still 6

One eyed Bob was the first to be adopted and is now very happy staring at the sights and sounds of the North. I have some more Eyeball Kids coming up soon, and will blog when they are ready to enter the real world! But I also have some fun and freaky tentacle pendants currently for sale at Etsy! www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ShellyStill

Alternative Silver Eye Crystal Tentacle Gothic Pendant Jewellery Shelly Still

Birds Nest Robin Pendant Cosclay Crystal Necklace Shelly Still

Alternative Green Tentacle Gothic Pendant Jewellery Shelly Still

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Unicorns Live Here – Abstract Photography

Oh man, I had a lot of fun making these ones. I’d like to think it’s where the unicorns rub up against the My Little Ponies to have a rave… But I could be wrong! The beautiful bubbles collection are on Society 6 https://bit.ly/35Wg8tZ and Redbubble (HERE)

I made these by layering up some bubbles I created with oil and food colouring with some abstract light photographs, not quite as glamorous now, but it takes time to create unicorn bubbles!

Unicorn Liquid Neon Bubbles Art Photography Shelly Still

Unicorn Liquid Neon Bubbles Art Photography Shelly Still
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Going Up or Going Down?

Current moods… Up then down, not quite knowing what’s going on and trying to keep focused on not wasting this time I have off from the day job. But then a load of people are in the same boat. I am wondering how had it will be for like minded artists and creators who have had this time to focus on their craft to get back into a work mindset. Going to be very strange sitting in an office thinking about colours and clay! So I made some arrows by layering textures and vibrant colours over arrow road signs. Think it portrays how I’m feeling right now. (prints etc available at Society 6 HERE)

Going Down Abstract Art Arrow Photography Shelly Still

Going Up Abstract Art Arrow Photography Shelly Still

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Abstract Nature Photography

I have started a new hush project for someone involving ghostly vibes and nature. I’ve started off a bit strong to be honest! So these practice photos wont make the cut, but there’s something about them I quite like. I’ve been obsessed with layering textures and photos on top of each other, something I used to do years ago, before photoshop was really any good. It almost feels like cheating doing it so easily on photoshop now, maybe that’s why I’m using so many layers, to try and make things more complicated for myself!

ag FLOWER 2 copy 2 ss

Autumn Leaf and Smoke Layered Abstract Nature Photography Shelly Still Photographer

Autumn Leaf and SmokeLayered Abstract Nature Flower Photography Shelly Still Photographer

The Abstract Watercolour Alphabet

Told you I was addicted. I’ve been up all night… Fuelled on crumble and custard… and created some more abstract art alphabets. This time I went for a way more abstract with a watercolour and ink work that I had made a year ago. It’s a bit crazy, but looks fantastic in a frame! I have them available for sale at Etsy (HERE) as digital downloads so you can make your own name, or a rude word, and stick it on the wall! Or the ceiling, I’m not going to tell you what to do with them! So many choices.

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Having A Smashing Time!

Some times you just have to let your frustrations out… Only joking! I was trying to make some textures from the broken glass and some siligum to push into clay at a later date. That experiment didn’t quite go to plan, but at least I got some nice stock photographs out of the day too.
Available at Adobe Stock (here) and Shutterstock (here)

Close Up Smashed Glass Shelly Still Photography
Close Up Smashed Glass Black and White Shelly Still PhotographyClose Up Smashed Glass Shelly Still Photography

Painting and Typography (Learn Your ABC)

I’ve been toying with the idea of mixing abstract paintings with lettering, and finally… Fiiiiiinally I decided to give it a go, and I love it. New addiction! The leopard print style alphabets have come out so well. So well in fact that they are now available as Jpgs and PNGs for projects and printouts!
My Etsy Shop (here) has these, and some other bits of fun! Please pop over and say hi! Hoping to get some very funky tentacle pendants and jewellery for sale soon!

Watercolour Typography Alphabet Letters LOVE Shelly Still Web

Watercolour Typography Alphabet Letters LOVE Shelly Still Web

Etsy – www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ShellyStill

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